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Title: Cyberattacks Protection and Challenges

Author (s) Name: Professor Tarek Saadawi

City University of New York




Abstract: Data breaches are security incidents where confidential information is leaked or stolen from a system without the knowledge or authorization of the system’s owner.  The cybersecurity industry for the last five years has been dealing with the evolution of internal and external cyber threats.

In this talk we will survey some of the highlighted cyberattacks over the last few years.  A discussion will be presented on the different types of cyberattacks, and how can we classify these attackers.  We will go through the current solutions to the security challenges from link encryption to end-to-end encryption, from information in transit using network protocols to how you can keep the intruder out of your network.  A discussion of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and the research conducted addressing IDS will be presented.  A blockchain architecture for co-operative intrusion detection system and its performance will be presented.

Biography: Dr Saadawi is Professor and Director of the Center of Information Networking & Telecommunications, City University of New York, City College (CUNY/CCNY).   He’s the co-Founder and co-Director of the Cyber Security Master Degree Program at CUNY/CCNY (starting Fall 2020).  His current research interests are intrusion detection systems, blockchain, and network security.


Presenting author details:

Full name: Tarek Saadawi         Contact number: +1(917)224-9886      Email id:
Category: Oral presentation

Session name: Cyber Security (or Data Security)

Research interest: Cyber Security