iccmit 2020 Athens

Special Sessions / Workshops
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SSN-1:Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of Photovoltaic System: Current Techniques and Future directions

SSN-26: IoT, Smart Environments, and Interdisciplinary Applications

SSN-2: IoT, Smart Environments, and Interdisciplinary Applications

SSN-4: Current Trends in Information and Communication Technology-2020

WS-1: Artificial Intelligence Technology in Smart Healthcare and Bio-Medical Informatic

SSN-7: Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems: VR/AR-Based Human-Computer Interaction and Beyond

SSN-8: Computer Systems, and Software Modelling

SSN-9: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SSN-10: Machine Perception & Computational Intelligence

SSN-11: Emerging Trends in Network and Communication Technologies

SSN-12: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data

SSN-14: Application of Nanomaterials for Energy and Environment

SSN-15: Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics for a Successful Organization

SSN-16: Energy Management and Storage Systems in Smart micro grid”

SSN-18: Cyber security Current Trends and Future Directions

SSN-20: Emerging Trends Considering Different Aspects in Wireless Environment

SSN-21:Security Aspects and Emerging Trends of Computing

SSN-25:Telecommunication and emerging technologies and networks

SSN-28:Innovations in Big Data, IoT and Data Sciences

SSN-31:"Recent Information Communication Technology Trends for Scalable Information System Applications

SSN-33:Cybersecurity Current Trends and Future Directions

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