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Speaker 1

Prof. Juan E. Trinidad Segovia

University of Almería, Spain

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Prof.  Juan E. Trinidad Segovia 

I am professor of finances in the University of Almería, Spain. My research interest is financial markets from the perspective of complex system. I am also interested in Asset Pricing and Portfolio Selection.

In the last years I have been incorporated as a member of the editorial board of relevant financial and interdisciplinary journals: Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (A nature Journal), Plos One and Mathematics. I am also the Managing editor of Studies of Applied Economics.



The connection between economics, mathematics and physics is not new. Early in the XVIII century, Bernoulli introduced the concept of utility in economics. In 1835, Quetelet extended Laplace ideas to study the existence of patterns in social data. Mandelbort and Peters developed the Fractal Market hypothesis as a suitable alternative to the Efficient Market hypothesis. The concepts of fractality, multifractality and memory have become popular in the last decade between the financial researchers. During this talk I will make a review of some of the most valuable contributions of physics to the research in financial markets and I will analyse the last trends in Econophysics.